ALL-IN-ONE system - plinth for base element 80 cm

ALL-IN-ONE system - plinth for base element 80 cm

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✓ 5 years construction guarantee
✓ Produced in Denmark since 1972
✓ Furniture that follows your child's development

This plinth can be used to raise the base element (SKU:520) from the floor.

The ALL-IN-ONE system makes it possible for you to put together the set-up you want for you and your child, regardless of the need for storage space. 

The cabinet you build can either stand against a wall or under specific beds, depending on the height of the bed. In this way, you create a whole lot of floor space that your child can use for play and learning.

This base fits the basic elementntet 80 cm (SKU: 520)


Dimensions: H9.7 x W80 x D53 cm

Material: pine wood

Assembly instructions