ALL-IN-ONE system - narrow tall cabinet 40 cm

ALL-IN-ONE system - narrow tall cabinet 40 cm

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✓ 5 years guarantee on all beds
✓ Produced in Denmark since 1972
✓ Furniture that follows your child's development

This basic element is part of LIFETIME Kidsroom's ALL-IN-ONE wardrobe system, where you yourself have the opportunity to build the wardrobe system your child needs in the children's room. 

The narrow tall cabinet has a height of 136 cm and a width of 40 cm. Here you can buy additional doors, shelves or hanger bars to fulfill the wishes you need.

This narrow high cabinet fits perfectly under LIFETIME Kidsroom's high beds of 177 cm.

The cabinet you build can either stand against a wall or under specific beds, depending on the height of the bed. In this way, you create a whole lot of floor space that your child can use for play and learning.


Dimensions: H128 x W40 x D53 cm

Material: pine wood

Assembly instructions